003 – Let’s Partner Against Hate

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A single forwarded WhatsApp message can strike thousands of hearts at once, that’s how powerful the technology is, something which I witnessed yesterday in our town, Bharuch. Thousands of offended Muslim brothers came out onto the streets of the city demanding arrest of the composer of the message which was apparently abusive to the religion Islam.

What struck me hard was that some disgraceful instances of throwing stones at the rally , Shouting ‘ Jai Shree Ram’ and even sprinkling water and milk on the statue of Shiva at the cross road to purify it once they passed. Apparently marching of Muslims in thousands of numbers was unacceptable to few. I do not consider them Hindus after I heard their shameful remarks about the marching community for their public demonstration.

Bharuch is a city where Muslim to Hindu ratio is in the favor of Muslims.  Still for many years, both the communities have been living in peace. Even at the time of the state wide riots in 2002, the city was surprisingly calm. That signifies the harmony in the city between the two communities.

Everyone knows that the strand of Hindu-Muslim bond is very thin and we cannot afford to slash it. It is upsetting that some elements from both the communities are trying to disturb the communal harmony consciously. I call them ‘haters’. Both the communities have to understand that these haters do not represent the entire community. We have to be wise and act in conscience and limit their actions who are trying to ruin our harmony even if he/she belongs to your community, actually especially when he/she belongs to your community. Let’s face the fact that we have always united against each other and that benefited neither of us. Now it’s time to unite against those who outspreads hatred.

We must not let our minds be driven by these evil forces. If not more, we should at least be sensible that a comment or a message cannot turn us against each other, and we curb those who violate our peace. Sincerely hope that next time we stage a rally, we do it together against those peace breakers.