002 – Don’t Give Up

SPIPA declared its result of entrance exam for IAS training center today. Couldn’t make it into Ahmedabad branch and got Surat instead. Not happy but not disappointed either.

One should learn to embrace the thorns that comes on the journey to success. They certainly make ride uneasy and awkward but that’s what makes the destination an ‘Achievement’  and also makes our journey an inspiration to the voyagers who follow. People say that everything comes at a price.. Well they are not wrong, The greater the effort, the sweeter the reward.

What bothers me the most is the sense of pride that keeps me from accepting the fact that you can’t hit all the arrows right. Yes, we can accept the fact that we did’t win but that feeling deep down you have that ‘I could have won if..’ makes you tensed and anxious and that way you just keep regretting and not allowing you to retrospect thus keeping you from learning from mistakes you made in the last attempt.

It’s Better To Try and Fail, Than Never To Try At All.

We are not answerable to anyone for our efforts and decisions we make and especially to those who weren’t there to support. At the same time we have to be prepared for the consequences of our decisions. You cannot blame anyone or anything for the undesired outcomes.

We are supposed to do our Karma and the rest will be taken care of automatically.